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[22 May 2005|11:12am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]


crying out to the sky becuase he was lonely and scared but only the devil answered because god wasn't there and right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold.......Collapse )

[10 May 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

R.I.P    Mrs. Julie Lawrence     May 10, 2005


Mrs. Lawrence will never know all the ways she motivated me and helped me to achieve greater goals for myself. if you did not have the chance to have her as teacher i'm so sorry for you. she was amazing. she could light up a room with her smile, and was the sweetest person i have ever known. she would stay after school to help me, and even though at the time i hated it, she helped me so much that eventually i coudln't wait for her to help me beucase i knew she had that specialy way of making even ME understand. and let me just tell you, ask nels that is no easy task with english.


in the begining of this year she told me how she saw my dad's name in the credits of his show and how that's her favoirte show, so i got her an autographed script. it's a little thing like that, i'm so glad that i did now. i always thought she would overcome her battle, she had done it ounce before. she was an amazing person teacher wife and mother.


Mrs. Lawrence, you were and still are an inspiration to everyone who's lives you touched. i love you. R.I.P

[08 May 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


where's your head attttCollapse )

[14 Apr 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

hi my name is alexa.

i'm 14 years old - my birthday is october 11, 1990.

my best friends name is elena nicole.

she lives in cherry hill NJ.

i was born in Sasquahanna NJ.

i'm adopted.

before you say " see not even your mother wants you " let me explain.

my mom was 15 when she became pregnant with me.

don't say " oh you're a slut just like her "

she made a mistake. we all make mistakes.

and i'm not a slut. i've had sex.

but i don't believe in love anymore.

not at this age at lest.

i've had my heart broken ounce.

it absolutly sucked, and it still hurts

i never ever want to feel that way ever again.

i have a hard time trusting people,

and everytime i do trust someone,

they prove to me that i shouldn't have.

i like to have fun,

i love watching disney movies,

playing in the rain, dancing, the gotti boys,

playing violin and being weird sometimes.

i'm really open about pretty much everything.

if anyone ever has a problem i'll always be there

to listen to them and help if i can, i don't care who

it is i just want to help.

i've made a lot of mistakes in my life,

but i don't regret any of them, becuase from every

mistake i've made, i've grown stronger.

people like to make up rumors about me,

i don't know why they can't just move on,

or maybe talk about someone they've actually

hung out with. whatever.

rite now i have a crush on someone,

i've heard he likes me back i'm pretty excited.

we haven't hooked up, i don't hook up with every guy... jk,

i'm not a slut - even though that's probably what

you've heard. i've been known to not be

" girlfriend material" but i think that's bull shit.

i want a boyfriend, i want someone to hug.

i love my friends more than anything in the world,

especially elena kat zupp asha kel marmar soph jenn

momo thea ryry tristan sonnie matt sean denzel

chris ( rip ). those people mean the world to me.

i can't imagine my life without them.

i love being care free, i love just laying on the couch

with someone and watching TV. i also love

partying though. my favorite thing in the world

to do is for guys to get into my sweats and go to a movie.

i'm obsessed with the gotti boys and eminem.

i am also obsessed with the yankees. and i love

playing basketball. sometimes i wear disney shirts

and i wish i was a princess. i'm really close with

my mom. she is one of my best friends. same

with my sister. it seems like everyone thinks they

know me so let me clarify.....

you have no fucking idea.



[18 Oct 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | dorky ]

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